Curtis Green, Blacksmith

Curtis Green

Curtis Green

Curtis Green grew up on a farm in Arkansas. He learned about cattle, horses, and a strong work ethic from his father. From his grandfather, he learned how to hunt and trap and about his Cherokee heritage. He learned to respect life and the Lord from both. Curtis continues a cultural tradition of Blacksmithing that was introduced to the Cherokees in 1791 with the Treaty of Holsten. Blending modern technology & time proven techniques, he creates hand forged items from recycled steel. These include household items that range widely, including BBQ tools, brands, knives, meat cleavers, tomahawks, and custom ordered items.  Since moving to Chama, Curtis has made his living by smithing for the past 13 years. He converted two semi-truck trailers into a shop and display room. He provides his own power source through the use of a 7500 watt generator. The operation, thus, is self -sufficient. Material is often received as gifts from the community. Items that would normally wind up in a landfill, serve a new purpose, gaining a second life through Curtis’ work. Curtis attributes his success to “word of mouth”, repeat business, and the documentary film “Forging A Cherokee Life.” This film won a Silver Award at the Houston World Film Festival. Custom orders provide a large part of Curtis’ business. He is able to forge nearly every type of knife requested and still maintain his Native American flair. For More Information, Contact: Curtis Green e-mail: or phone:  575 770-5494.

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Horseshoe Paper Towel Dispenser

Towel Dispenser

Detail of Horaeshoe Towel Dispenser

Paper Towel Dispense

Horseshoe Paper Towel Dispenser Detail

Made from used horseshoes, these upright dispensers are unique and surprisingly elegant on any table.

PT Dispensers

Upright Paper Towel Dispensers

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Fireplace Tools

Fireplace Handles

Sheppard Hook Fireplace Handles

Forged from horseshoes, round, square, and flat stock, fireplace tools come in a variety of styles and designs.  Available as single pieces or complete sets with wall brackets or floor stands.

Fireplace Tools

Fireplace Pokers and Ash Shovel

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Horseshoe Cowpokes

Horseshoe Cowpokes

Horseshoe Cowpokes

Born from recycled horseshoes, these three amigos are ready to reside in any western home or office!

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Butterflies and Dragonflies

Horseshoe and Railroad Spike Butterfly

Horseshoe and Railroad Spike Butterfly

Fabricated from recycled horseshoes and discarded railroad spikes, these creations are perfect additions to any patio, deck, or garden!

Horseshoe & Railroad Spike Dragonfly

Horseshoe & Railroad Spike Dragonfly

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Hand forged Iron Roses


Hand Forged Roses

A hand forged Iron Rose will never wilt!  Show that your love will never fade!  A great gift for that special one.

Iron Rose

An Iron Rose

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